The 7 Alarming Things That Happen When You Sit All Day

Many jobs require you to spend hours in front of a computer, and this is something extraordinary, as it allows us to remain inactive. However, the fact that we spend many hours sitting in the same position can also be very penalizing for the body and the mind. What are the things that happen when you sit all day?

This is what we are going to show you next by telling you how your body reacts (from head to toe) to the fact that you are nailed to your office chair for several hours. The consequences can be dire and, as a rule, lead to numerous health problems.

1. Loss of Muscle Strength – Leg Muscles and Glutes Weaker

The fact that you do not go out, go to work, or do any exercise causes loss of muscle in the legs and weakening of the buttocks. And it is normal for this to happen because you are not using these members of the body to the point that they develop strong muscles.

You spend the day sitting and, as such, it is natural for you to have weak legs, soft glutes, and generalized tiredness in the body due to the lack of physical activity. It is essential that you start taking breaks and regular exercise while working at home. Otherwise, you will have more and more muscle atrophy from the belt down, and you will get more and more tired.

2. Increased Body Weight – The Scale Never Lies!

One of the biggest consequences of staying at home working is that you will be sitting in your office chair in front of the computer screen for seven or more hours of work. And after working hours are over, you stop sitting in the office chair and sit on the couch.

This lack of exercise makes you weaker and more prone to various physical problems such as weak bones, back pains, joint problems, headaches, intestinal difficulties, and many other health problems.n As if that were not enough, when a person spends many hours at home, they are more eager to eat – and have a greater tendency to always be eating.

These two aspects form an explosive cocktail for you, as they lead to significant weight gain. And it is hard to stay at home and watch the numbers on the scale increase.

3. Curved Back – Worsening Poor Posture When Sitting

As with the loss of muscle in the legs and glutes, the fact of sitting all day contributes to the formation of back problems, namely spine problems. This is due to the fact that there is slight and constant back pain at the level of the spine train when you are sitting in the same position.

This pain is quite annoying and tends to increase as the days go by. It is also worth noting that the worsening of poor posture when sitting is terrible for those suffering from backache chronic pain, as it will make it more difficult to work, especially if your office chair is not ergonomic.

4. Discomfort and Stiffness – Shoulders and Neck Too Stiff

In addition to back pain, muscle loss in the legs and buttocks, and general body fatigue, sitting all day also leaves you with stiff shoulders and numerous neck problems. When you spend many hours in front of the computer, you tend to lean forward to see better or to be more focused on what you are doing.

And the tension of being in this position impairs bad posture and causes annoying neck pain, but also a shoulder pain that extends over time.

5. Varicose Veins and Spider Veins More Prominent In the Feathers

Sitting all day also causes an accumulation of blood in your legs that is perfectly explained by the position you occupy in the chair. And this can lead to varicose veins or spider veins in the legs. This is usually not a concern in the short term, although you get ugly legs when the veins turn purple and swollen.

However, over time, blood clots can form, and these need to be monitored more closely. Thrombosis – Blood Does Not Circulate In The Veins! The formation of varicose veins or spider veins in the legs carries several health risks with it since it can lead to the appearance of blood clots in the legs, giving rise to an eventual deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

That is, the blood clot breaks in the legs, which can prevent the blood from reaching certain organs of the body, such as the lungs, for example, causing a pulmonary embolism.

6. Development of Numerous Health Complications

Sitting at home all day promotes the development of numerous health complications, such as: Osteoporosis and Cancer – The Odds Don’t Play In Your Favor! When the body is weakened and accuses the lack of certain nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body, it is natural that it starts to malfunction.

And in that sense, you may start to suffer from bone pain or extreme tiredness, and other warning signs. And these can be the causes of osteoporosis or be motivated by some more serious health complications such as cancer of the stomach, lung, colon, and other types of cancer.

Weaker Heart – Development of Heart Disease As in the previous point, sitting too long throughout the day increases your risk of suffering from heart disease. And that risk is explained by the explosive cocktail that adds a lack of exercise to a possible bad diet.

A Higher Amount of Sugar in the Blood – Development of Diabetes When people spend more time standing still and doing nothing, they tend to eat more during the time they are awake – and most of the time, they eat the wrong foods, such as hamburgers, pizzas, soft drinks, and other types of junk food.

And it becomes very harmful to your body since it will increase the amount of sugar in your blood and insulin resistance, leading to the appearance of Diabetes or any other type of cardiovascular disease.

7. Increased Risk of Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

The risks of sitting down all day do not bring any achievements only at the physical level. At the psychological level, too, and these can be much more serious and disabling. We are referring to the possibility of the person coming to suffer from anxiety and depression – the diseases of modern times.

And this is easier to happen than what you may think. And for a very simple reason: being seated all day and without doing any kind of workout routine makes the body weaker. This prevents the brain from receiving the nutrients necessary for the production of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters responsible for pleasure and mood.

If they are not produced, it is natural that you become more anxious, stressed, and go into depression. These are the top 7 alarming things that happen when you sit all day, and, as you can see, they are quite negative and penalizing. Don’t let that happen to you and your health, take regular breaks and exercises so that your body is as active and awake as possible. Also, this is the best way to increase your concentration and productivity.