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Our Story

Kin-Keepers is owned by the Only One Globe Corporation which is committed to developing tools for the most vulnerable. Our business was started from the simple need of helping our own loved ones. Now we make these tools available to everyone.

The real problem lay not only in finding a technical solution but in winning adoption and ongoing usage.

See this 2-minute video to learn how little time is left.

What We Do

Kin-Keepers uses AI to reunite cranky old men to their tribes. It does this by guiding families and elders to rediscover the meaning of “intimacy” not as interpreted in the conjugal sense, but in its broader evolutionary meaning:

  • The mirror of self-worth one sees in another's eyes.
  • Intimacy resets emotions. And emotions drive behaviors - even amongst those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

Why should you care

The Long-Term Care Industry (LTC) is ripe for disruption.  But so far, all approaches to tap into or improve the institutionalization of care have not surmounted the LTC market value of $511 billion in 2022, growing at 4%/yr.

  • With Kin-Keeper AI/ML Intimacy building tools, families and elders find ways to confront an increasing shortage of outside caregivers and expensive LTC converging by 2030.

How we do it

Kin-Keepers licenses AI/ML software that makes utterances intelligible for those living with all forms of Dementia. We call it the "Assistive Self." Our algorithms make elders living with Dementias more confident, less frustrated, and easier to live with.

Once a communication channel is established, it offers a measure of control over physical and emotional services. Our tools aid families and seniors wishing to either age in their homes or live with institutional care, by automating labor-intensive tasks like bathing, feeding, toileting.

Elders are at the center. Key to our success is a focus on elder adoption of help through AI PETS  like Parrots and Macaws along with other voice user interfaces. We achieve all this by uncovering latent emotional communication. AD sufferers forget words and places but do not lose how they feel.

Partners welcome. If you have a service, product, or offering for eldercare, please contact us. There is no charge to add you to our Catalog of best-in-class vendors.

Why We Do It

It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” Oscar Wilde

Longevity is a worldwide reality, yet our institutions for Aging care remain anchored in the past.  Societies are not prepared to handle a world where people over 60 outnumber those under 15, where more diapers are sold to seniors than babies. At Kin-Keepers, we work to change the aging narrative from dependence to engagement, using technology that empowers Seniors with their families physically and emotionally. Our tools ease the strain on Family Care Managers and promote the moral joy and satisfaction that comes from supportive, loving interactions.

Cradling Mom
If you love, you do.

Mather Institute Award 2021

Meet the Team

Our leadership is made up of high tech professionals that have worked together around the world.

Jose Ramos is the CEO of His passion is to find solutions to social problems. He is a former Managing Director from Hewlett Packard and a former CTO from Northrop Grumman Health. He has worked both in Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. He holds graduate degrees from Harvard Business School and Cornell University's College of Applied and Engineering Physics.

Nancy Malanowicz is the Chief Product Officer for  She aspires to achieve our mission through innovative products and solutions that empower and engage Seniors.  Her background is in Product and Solution Management for Unisys Corporation and she is currently an Adjunct Professor in Computer Information Systems at Cabrini University.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from West Chester University and a Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems from the University of Pennsylvania.

Steve Warner


Dr. Steven Warner serves as Chief Science Officer for He comes from the defense industry where he occupied the role of Chief Scientist for the Federal and Defense Technologies division at Northrop Grumman.  Dr. Warner holds a Bachelor of Science from Eckerd College and a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Carol Hansen


Carol Hansen is our Chief Resource Officer. She is an experienced Senior Talent Management Professional with a demonstrated history working in the consumer electronics industry. Her engagements span some of the world's most recognizable firms including Apple, Amazon, Google, and VMWare. Skilled in building high-performance teams, she is a certified professional in human resources (SHRM) with a B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Music from Luther College.

In addition, Ms. Hansen is the owner of patent 8,185,424, B2 “Soft Skills Matching System and Method," an algorithm that uses machine learning to weigh and rank hard and soft skills to create a network of balanced teams.

She is also an author, who has written two books focused on empowering young women to follow their heart.

Chief Social Worker

Linda Maria Melendez

Chief Social Worker

Linda Maria Melendez is our Resident Social Worker. She is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Social Work.  Ms. Melendez has worked for several years as a licensed social worker with families in various settings. Specializing in the field of mental health, she works with committed groups of people to help them achieve their goals of having a safe, happy, and functioning family.  She grew up on the lower East Side of New York City. Her parents came to New York from Puerto Rico in the 1930s seeking employment and the opportunity to better their lives. She witnessed how discrimination and poverty affected her family and decided to dedicate her life to helping others, who are similarly challenged by their circumstances, achieve success. Besides contributing to, she also works with the Caring Counselors Program, as an independent therapist who provides intensive, in-home therapy for children and their families.  She also lends her expertise at The Generation Station, a program that makes available social services to senior citizens and their families.  Their mission is to bridge the gap between the generations by bringing all family members together to help each other.

Abbas Abdulmalik

Chief Software Architect

Abbas Abdulmalik is our Chief Software Architect.  Professor Abdulmalik studied Engineering Physics at Cornell University and Electrical Engineering from Thomas Edison State College.  After working at General Electric’s Space Division in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and at SolaVolt International in Newark, Delaware, he discovered his true passion was teaching. Not giving up his technical training, Abbas joined the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology to teach electronics and microcomputers. He took a hiatus from teaching and co-founded netX, Inc., a computer consulting company.  Returning to P.I.T. he played a key role in modernizing the college’s Computer Science curriculum. He currently heads the Computer Science Department, and his passion is inspiring students to unleash their creativity and build their own apps.

Arlene Espaldon Ramos

Arlene Espaldon Ramos

Operations and Taxes

Arlene Ramos is VP of Services at Only One Globe, Inc.  In this role, she identifies Supplemental Income and self-directed Communities for Retirees. She is always on the look-out, at home and abroad, for properties suitable for senior F.L.O.O.R.S.* Co-Housing. Presently she manages facilities in Hawaii, California, and Virginia. She is a veteran entrepreneur that has set up operations in credit card transaction processing on the Pacific island of Guam and in California. She holds degrees in Human Microbiology from Boston University and Cornell.

*F.L.O.O.R.S. – Families Living Only On Retirement Savings.

Meet our Advisory Board

We have built a Board of Advisers well-versed with the challenges of Aging.

Peter Sprague

 AI Enhanced Wearable Systems

Peter Sprague, is the Chairman Satellite Displays: Wearable Computing 2018

Chairman to National Semiconductor (1967 - 1997) and Advent corporations (1975-79).

His numerous entrepreneurial endeavors include the revival of the English car manufacturer, Aston Martin Ltd, CEO of Design Research 1967-79, and Founder of Wave Systems. Co-founder and director of the American Sailing Association.

Honorary doctorate from Babson College, as well as degrees from Yale and MIT. He holds 12 patents in optics, software and hardware.

Dr. Richard Dupee

Clinical Geriatrics

Dr. Richard Dupee, graduate of Tufts College and Tufts University School of Medicine, is clinical professor of medicine at Tufts School of Medicine and chief of the Geriatrics Division at Tufts Medical Center. He teaches and mentors students and medical residents, in the classroom and in the clinic, and hosts a fourth-year geriatrics rotation in his practice in Wellesley. He also is on the faculty of the Physician Assistant program, providing geriatrics lectures, and mentoring students in his office during their clinical rotations.

Dr. Dupee is former governor of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Physicians, and currently president of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Geriatrics Society, where he has been instrumental in establishing national guidelines for geriatric education, both at the medical student and residency levels. He is the founder and CEO of Wellesley Medical Associates, a highly respected internal medicine and geriatrics practice associated with Tufts Medical Center, and the founder and medical director of the Alliance for Quality Care (AQC), a local care organization, as part of the New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA).

Dr. Dupee has won numerous awards in geriatrics and internal medicine, including selection as a "Top Docs" in geriatrics by Boston Magazine for the past four years, and by Castle Connolly as one of the foremost geriatricians in the United States. He won the "Rx for Excellence" recipient award for superiority in risk management and patient safety for the Medical Law Report, and is consistently listed in "America's Top Physicians": Consumers Research Council, and "Top Doctors in Boston, As Chosen By Their Peers": Boston Consumer’s Checkbook. In May of 2013, Dr. Dupee was presented the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the New Hampton School, in recognition of exceptional achievement in his personal and professional work.

Dr. Roger Weissinger-Baylon

 Policy and Strategy

Dr. Roger Weissinger-Baylon is the founder and Co-Director at Center for Strategic Decision Research (CSDR). Presently, he Chairs the 34th International NATO Workshop on Global Security,

He received the B.S. degree in Economics and Computer Science and the M.S. degree from the Sloan School of Management, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stanford University awarded him the Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (Human Problem Solving) in 1978. Previously, he was Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., and then Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, CA.

He has worked as a Vice-President and Director of the Luceat Division of FMC Corporation in Sens, Yonne, France and Consultant to major corporations including Field Research, Demonte, and the University of California.


Anne D.-Baylon, Esq.

Europe - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Anne D. Baylon is the Co-Director, CSDR Center for Strategic Decision Research (CSDR). Over the past 34 years, she has edited and published over 25 books on global security. Author of an annual publication presenting an overview of events in Europe and Central Asia.

She received her Masters Degree from Stanford University, and graduated Cum Laude with a Law Degree from the University of Paris Law School, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne.

Dr. Maddalena Adorno

Stem Cell Senolytics

Dr. Adorno is the Co-founder and CEO at Dorian Therapeutics, Inc. – and a Researcher at Stanford Medical School

Dorian Therapeutics is an anti-aging company focusing on blocking the process of cellular senescence at early stages. The company develops therapeutics to modulate stem cell pathways affected during aging.

She has published in top peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, Cell. Additionally, she is the Inventor of three international patents in cancer and degenerative diseases.

Dr. Ilia Sucholutsky

AI/ML Transfer Learning

Ilia is a statistician and deep learning researcher trained at the University of Waterloo; now a research fellow at Princeton University. A large part of his research focuses on improving machine learning performance through the analysis and optimization of the underlying data. He has consulted/advised more than three dozen companies, ranging from pre-seed startups to multi-national corporations, helping them leverage their data for better outcomes. His latest research on enabling deep learning with small data has been described in MIT Technology Review, Digital Trends, Scientific American, and other major outlets as a technology that could help democratize AI.

Dr. Keiran Thompson

Machine Learning AI

Dr. Thompson is a Research Scientist at Stanford University Chemistry School emphasizing Machine Learning, Quantum Chemistry, and Finance.

He received his Postdoc  in Physical Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at The Australian National University and a BSc. in Chemistry and Mathematics at University of Sydney

As a 40+ year senior leader in government services, acquisition and technology, Mark is able to bring to Kin-Kare insight as to the protocol for government grant and contract awards, as well as familiarity and relationships with the multitude of specialized agencies serving the senior population through research, and addressing medical, housing and financial dependencies. Prior to his tenure as Chief Information Officer and Cyber Executive in multiple  state and federal government agencies, Mark had begun his career in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a special education teacher and vocational rehabilitation technologist, where he had been recognized in the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s as being in the forefront of applying adaptive technologies in enabling employment for the physically challenged as well as one of the first educators that had applied technology in the classroom for addressing cognitive stimulation for the multitude of learning modalities present in the student populations he served. Mark, also during this time, had worked closely with White House and New York state and City leadership in adopting and applying the American Disabilities Act.

Rohit Mahajan

AI/ML Angel Investments

Rohit is the Managing Partner at He is an experienced entrepreneur and leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and software industry. Adept at providing innovative solutions and products to clients across industry segments. He is skilled in digital transformation strategy, M&A, sales, marketing and global delivery.

Rohit brings his passion for AI technologies to, a technology consulting firm empowering data to drive innovation and advanced analytics. specializes in Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Custom Software development.

He is an active angel investor interested at the intersection of AI and Healthcare. He has launched the AI Studio for healthcare startups at

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, is a Wharton School Fellow and a graduate from the Harvard Business School. Has completed executive education programs in AI in Business and Healthcare from MIT Sloan, MIT CSAIL and Harvard Medical School.

Diana Waugh

Educating families, caregivers in Memory Care

Diana, RN, BSN, CDP-Certified Dementia Practitioner, applies her out-of-the-box approach to the care of individuals suffering from memory loss. Over the last 30+ years, she has worked to eliminate physical, psychological, and chemical restraint use in care facilities. Her key to success has been through focusing on the social needs of the person. As a national speaker, consultant, researcher, and writer she strives to share simple, practical techniques that can make both family member caregivers and professionals, experts in memory care.

As a Certified Dementia Practitioner, my goal is to “open the gates” of the learners’ minds to different approaches for everyday challenges facing family member caregivers and professionals when dealing with individuals suffering from memory loss.




Arijit Sengupta

The Problem with AutoML

Arijit Sengupta is the Founder and CEO at Aible and the former Founder and CEO of BeyondCore (a Salesforce company). Arijit has guest lectured at Stanford and other universities; spoken at conferences in a dozen countries; and has been written about in The World Is Flat 3.0, New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and other leading publications. Arijit held leadership positions at several big data, cloud computing, and e-business industry associations and previously worked at Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, and Yankee Group. He has been granted seventeen patents. Arijit holds an MBA with Distinction from the Harvard Business School and bachelor's degrees with Distinction in Computer Science and Economics from Stanford University.

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