Step One

Center a tribe on the Elder

Family Harmony Circle

Starts with News

Families are stories of inclusion - We teach you how to elaborate a kin story that includes all members, especially your elders. To combat loneliness they and you must commit yourselves to others.

News from the Grandchildren - After creating a Family Circle, use it to send daily family news to Mom and Dad, including in the voice of the grandchildren. Family news episodes focus on weaving today's facts and events into a coherent family story. Store past voice recordings on your own laptop or pay us to store them in our cloud.

Memory Assistance - This is a tool that remembers things. It knows everyone in the Family Circle and helps Mom or Dad with their memory. Here's how: Cloud-stored voice recordings are converted to text and then parsed using AI/ML pattern templates to extract important details like names, dates, and events. The family or voice stream analyst iteratively curates the resulting voice dictionary. The elder can then ask the name of a grandchild, and remember their birthday, as often as desired. We initially use popular voice assistants, but in time extend those devices with our proprietary software.

also, Caregivers find value in the service too. They can ask for the history of those under their care. Or they can engage with members of the Family Circle for advice and guidance.

Step Two

Deepen bonds with Elder

Psycho-Social Tools

Play - When we play we learn. and time slips away.  A Psycho-Social approach makes playing not only fun but inclusive.

Psycho-Social training - Family and carers benefit from psycho-social training and learn how to see tasks not as chores but as opportunities to forge intimate connections. Learn how to move empathetic feelings towards compassion and away from personal distress and burnout. A simple way to combat loneliness is to allow the elders to give. Allow them to bless you; that's all it takes.

Reminiscence - By way of the family circle, Kin-Keepers, store and make available fond moments for elders. A picture brings back a memory; a scent rekindles the past. Even Virtual Reality goggles administered with intimacy in mind can help alleviate loneliness.

Music -  Family Kin-Keepers can create playlists that are then downloaded and played through the smart Parrot.  The PET senses mood and learns through trial and error what works. End of Life has its own music therapy, too: Thanatology.

Spiritual Transcendence -The art of mystical contemplation opens the mind to giving and receiving in a way that allows the soul to transcend the tyranny of time and the fragility of life. Join your loved one on a journey of peace and hope. We help elders escape the sufferings of consciousness via ecstatic flow.

Horticultural therapy - Microbes in the soil reduce depression. Furthermore, preliminary studies have reported the benefits of horticultural therapy and garden settings in reduction of pain, improvement in attention, lessening of stress, modulation of agitation, lowering of PRN medications and antipsychotics, and reduction of falls. 4

CBT - Judicial use of Computer Based Therapies can also help elders get beyond entrenched feelings of rejection and isolation.

Step Three

Empower the Elder

An Assistive Self

P.E.T. - Place, Experience, Time - People with Dementia even Alzheimer's need not be alone. We provide devices, called Smart Parrots, which are not toys, nor mechanical substitutes for human care. Instead, they are Assistive Self tools that empower older persons and make their voices heard.

Smart Parrots come with embedded sensors and AI/Machine Learning algorithms to iteratively, and over time, amplify and make intelligible elder needs that support Activities of Daily Living. As with all our tools, Smart Parrots do all this, while supporting and engendering intimacy with family and friends.

Not working alone, Parrots can be linked with other Parrots around the world to learn from each other. So even with cognitive impairment, new services can be discovered; new connections can be born.

Sleep - Disrupted circadian rhythms accompany old age. Our Parrots use non-invasive 40 Hz. sounds to soothe minds. Light and sound combined seem to magnify the brain effects in the prefrontal cortex, a key area for planning and executing tasks.

In the following video, see how we enable our Smart Parrot, called Jarvis, to understand and respond to elder commands. In particular, it interacts with its Family Circle to answer questions not recalled by a forgetful mind.

Step Four

Understand Elder words


End the confusion, frustration, and anxiety of being misunderstood. Our Parrots give elders feedback, and assurance that what they are saying can be understood.  The magic comes from sophisticated Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing algorithms along with contextual sensors that can pinpoint intent.

Be patient. The magic does not happen in a black box. It initially requires corrective iterations that can only be made by those closest to the elder: family and friends. Voice stream analysis is patient, compassionate work that keys off your understanding of emotional forms of communication that remain until death even when suffering from Alzheimer's. However, once done even for a few words, confidence emerges on both the elder and the listener's side. The accomplishment then propels all onward to understanding utterances for things basic to the activities of daily living. Only at this point, can a so-created "elder voice dictionary" be augmented with Artificial Intelligence and joined with voice patterns recognized in other seniors, to infer progressively more.

There's also something for the caregivers. In addition to being translators, Smart Parrots can also listen to voice sounds for biomarkers that alert the clan to medical conditions. And if desired, relatives can turn the Smart Parrot on themselves to infer the probability of inheriting AD.

Next Steps...

Learn how our Parrots work with Sundowning in this brief video.