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Ubuntu (Zulu pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼù]) is a Nguni Bantu term meaning "humanity". It is often translated as "I am because we are," and also "humanity towards others", but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

Puerto Rico is the perfect place to develop and test out our non-invasive solutions. We work there with Nursing Homes providing both Physical and Behavioral-Emotional Support Tools.

UBUNTU Susana in Development
UBUNTU Susana in Development - from former Child Orphanage Site.

On the Physical side we are experimenting with Exoskeletons, Lifts and other carer productivity aids.

Physical Care
Physical Care Productivity

On the Behavioral-Emotional Side, we provide free software to stimulate and challenge aging minds, along with Reminiscence Therapies.

Sleep Restoration is coming

All this is done under the guidance and supervision of our A.I. PET and its accompanying Sensor Ring.

Our PsychoSocial approach - emphasizes happiness over pleasure, and strives to teach caregivers about the 4 C's:

  • Connectedness - happiness unlike pleasure needs others. Pleasure only needs self.
  • Contributing - happiness is more about giving, than receiving.
  • Coping - happiness comes from being vigilant with Sleep, Exercise, Diet, Stress (e.g. meditation and mindfulness)
  • Cooking - happiness means not eating out as much, and steering away from processed foods. More fish, more vegetables, more nuts, and flax.

Physical & Emotional Solutions