4 Life-Changing Teas That Get Rid Of Inflammation FOR GOOD

January 1, 2020, by SHE FINDS HEALTH

If your New Year’s Resolution for 2020 has anything to do with getting in shape or losing weight, you should consider bringing anti-inflammatory habits into your diet. An anti-inflammatory tea is a great complementing habit to diet and exercise because for one thing, drinking tea is an easy habit to get into since we all crave hot drinks in the winter, and for another thing, it comes in many options and flavors.

While just about every tea is highly beneficial for our health, it can be tough to determine the best tea for your tastes and preferences. So we put together a list of our favorite anti-inflammatory teas with the best flavors and benefits.

best tea for weight lossGreen Tea

Among the healthiest tea options, green tea is highly rich in antioxidants and can aid in brain function, weight loss and reducing inflammation in the gut. Green tea contains caffeine, so you should drink it in the mornings - maybe it can become your new go-to in place of coffee.

best tea for weight lossBlack Tea

Black tea is a lot like green tea in that it is naturally caffeinated and can be a great morning drink. It also helps lower blood sugar levels, improves gut health and can lower cholesterol, making it an excellent aid for weight loss.

best tea for weight lossGinger Tea

Ginger tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory tea, helping with everything from stomach bloating to joint inflammation. It also helps improve digestion and metabolism, so it is a good tea to drink after a meal. We love it after lunch as a mid-day treat.

best tea for weight lossChamomile Tea

Another tea known to lower inflammation, chamomile is an excellent tea to drink at night to help digest anything you’ve eaten during the day. It also helps in sleep and relaxation - another reason we like this tea for nighttime.